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Publication Date: 09 August, 2017
Fixed term maintenance on the Ramu Highway 32-AT-24CQ

The Central Supply and Tenders Board (CSTB) on behalf of the Department of Works invites written sealed bids for the Australian Government Funded Road Project for Fixed Term Maintenance on the Ramu Highway in Madang Province.

Fixed Term Maintenance on the Ramu Highway from Mupu Bridge (Ch130+00) To Madang Airport Junction (Ch172+00) in Madang Province

Contract Duration

Duration shall be for a period of Eighteen (18) months.  The Employer, at its discretion, may extend the duration up to a further Twelve (12) months.


The Government of Papua New Guinea has received funding from the Government of Australia through the Papua New Guinea – Australia Transport Sector Support Program.

Tender Security

Tenders less than PGK1 million (not required)

Tenders from PGK1 million up to PGK10 million (K10, 000.00)

Tenders exceeding PGK10 million (K15, 000.00)

The Tender Security must be in the form of a certified Bank Cheque payable to Central Supply and Tenders Board or Bank Guarantee for EACH tender.

Any Tender submitted without the respective Tender Security will be rejected.

Tender Document Fee

A non-refundable fee of One Thousand Kina (PGK 1,000.00) per set of tender

documents must be in the form of a certified Bank Cheque payable to Central Supply and Tenders Board.

Tender Validity Period

One Hundred and Twenty (120) Days.

Pre-tender Meeting

A pre-tender meeting will be held at:

Venue: Department of Works, Madang Office, Madang Province

Time: 10:00 AM              Date: Thursday, 24th August 2017

Bid Delivery Place

The Tender Box

Central Supply and Tenders Board

PO Box 6457, BOROKO, NCD; CSTB HAUS, Poreporena Freeway;


Closing Time and Date

Time: 10:00 AM    Date: Monday, 25th September 2017

Late tender submissions will not be accepted.

Contact Details

Guria Verave - Central Supply & Tender Board

Phone: (675) 311 3777; Facsimile (675) 311 3778

Email: coord2@cstb.gov.pg

Instructions to Tenderers

1Interested Tenderers must arrange with their Agent(s) or a Courier firm of their choice to pick up tender documents and a similar arrangement must be done for the lodgement of their tender submission(s).

Tenderers must clearly address the outer envelope containing their tender with the address as indicated in the Tender Delivery Place and marked Attention: Chairman, CSTB with the tender number, description of the project, closing date and time AND name of Tenderer’s organisation.

It is the Tenderer’s responsibility to ensure that their tender is correctly placed as indicated above in the Tender Box and the Central Supply & Tenders Board will not be held liable regarding same.

Tender Reference: CSTB 3744
Tender submission closes: 10:00AM Monday 25 September 2017

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