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  • Global Maritime Distress Safety Systems


    PNG is a signatory to the Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) which governs the operations of merchant ships worldwide.The installation of the GMDSS Coastal Radio Station is significant as it will enable PNG to meet its international maritime safety obligations.

    GMDSS is a complex communications architecture which requires many sub-systems to be located in different geographical locations of PNG to enable an effective nationwide coverage. The establishment of the GMDSS communications facility involves the engagement, consent and cooperation of a number of stakeholder groups in PNG and abroad. Despite the challenges, the project is now 95% completed and the communication network itself is expected to be tested and commissioned in May 2016. The remaining two components of the project which involve training and institutional strengthening will be undertaken once the network is commissioned and fully operational.

    The GMDSS project when completed will enable PNG's National Maritime Safety Authority's Rescue Coordination Centre to issue weather information to seafarers nationwide and for rescue operations to be coordinated for those in distress. GMDSS will effectively improve the safety of seafarers operating throughout the waters of PNG.

    TSSP is providing support for:

    • Upgrading of the coastal radio network
    • Upgrading of the Maritime Radio Communications Centre (MRCC) in Port Moresby
    • Installation of updated communications equipment at the National Maritime College
    • Provision of training on the GMDSS system for private sector and recreational operators
    • Further strengthening of GMDSS-related maritime legislation

    Project Value: K8.9 million
    Start Date: 2 February 2012

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