The Papua New Guinea - Australia Aid Partnership Arrangement 2016-2017

Papua New Guinea and Australia signed the Aid Partnership Arrangement 2016-2017 in March 2016. The Aid Partnership Arrangement establishes a shared vision to ensure development cooperation contributes as effectively and efficiently as possible to sustained and inclusive economic growth and to reduce poverty in PNG. The Aid Partnership Arrangement highlights transport as one of five priority sectors.

Australian Government

TSSP is guided by the Government of Australia’s development policy, Australian aid: promoting prosperity, reducing poverty, enhancing stability as well as the performance framework for the Australian aid program Making Performance Count: enhancing the accountability and effectiveness of Australian aid. TSSP activities are designed to position the program to address key constraints to sustainable economic growth and equitable development in PNG. This approach responds directly to the goals set out in Australia’s aid assessment summary paper, A new direction for Australian aid in PNG: refocusing Australian aid to help unlock PNG’s economic potential.

Further information and the Australian Government documents mentioned above can be found at

Government of Papua New Guinea

TSSP is also aligned with the objectives of the Government of Papua New Guinea. Australia’s partnership with the PNG transport sector emphasises the importance of service delivery and reflects Government of Papua New Guinea policy priorities, including Papua New Guinea Vision 2050, the Papua New Guinea Development Strategic Plan, and the Papua New Guinea Medium Term Development Plan II (2016-2017). In facilitating economic growth and access to international markets, it is a key pillar of the growing economic partnership between Australia and Papua New Guinea and responds directly to the Government of Papua New Guinea’s economic growth agenda.

PNG transport sector policies

The PNG transport sector is guided by the National Transport Strategy (NTS) 2011-2030, which is implemented through rolling five-year Medium Term Transport Plans (currently through MTTP 2013 -2018). The goal of the National Transport Strategy is to work towards establishing a transportation network that links all of PNG. TSSP works to support implementation of the MTTP, which provides an agenda for the development and implementation of transport policy; institutional development and capacity building; a legislative program; and transport infrastructure investment over the first five-year period of the NTS.

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